What is a Condom?

The male condom is a latex sheath that is placed over the male partner’s erect penis before intercourse. The condom is designed for one-time use. condoms are available over-the-counter at all pharmacies, you don’t need a prescription or a visit in a clinic to get them.

How Does it Work?

A condom prevents sperm from entering the vagina when the male partner ejaculates. the condom creates a barrier between the seaman and the vagina.

How Effective is a Condom?

To be most effective, condoms should be used with a spermicide. Used correctly, the typical failure rate of latex condoms is about 3%. However, application problems and breakage can occur with condoms. When used incorrectly, the failure rate for condom use rises to 12%. Latex condoms also help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.