Patient Comments

• I had a great experience here. Definitely recommending to my friends and coming back. Thank you very much!

• I love this clinic! Everyone is very kind and listens to any concerns I have. I live in St. Paul now but used to drive over an hour to get here I can’t say enough good things.

• The staff here at this clinic is great. They work very hard and are so caring and respectful. I live in Minneapolis and if I do get “real” health insurance I would still continue coming to family tree for reproductive health issues.

• Thanks, I love you guys!! This was my best visit ever.

• I originally started coming to Family Tree on the recommendation of a friend who knew and moved just a few blocks away from the clinic and it would be convenient. I have since moved to midtown in Minneapolis and it is well worth the bike ride over here to continue coming to Family Tree. This clinic is incomparable.

• This experience was wonderful (kind, friendly, staff; lovely waiting room; professional and warm NP). I will tell others. Many thanks.

• I love Family Tree and recommend it to all friends and family! Thank you and keep up the great work!

• Family Tree is great! It is within blocks of my home, the service is wonderful, and the cost of care is affordable.

• Everyone was very accommodating, friendly and efficient. Thank you for your help and support! This is the most helpful women’s health clinic I have been to in my 8 years of receiving reproductive health care.

• I’m just so very happy that you provide this service. I am ecstatic that I now know you exist and will bring my daughters in when of age!

• This clinic is amazing. The employees, location and hours are perfect. Thank you!

• The staff here is really helpful and I appreciated the way that I was treated.