Presentations Offered

Health Educators are available to visit schools and other groups of all ages across the metro area. Here are descriptions of the presentations we offer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Puberty Education

  • With the help of realistic drawings, students learn about the physical and mental changes that they will encounter as they grow. Students will learn about body functions, hygiene, and respect.


  • This class explains basic information about HIV/AIDS including: what HIV/AIDS is, how it works inside the body, how it is transmitted and how it can be prevented.
  • Family Tree Clinic Health Educators will work with you to tailor these classes to fit your group’s unique needs. We also include these basic concepts in all of our classes:
    • Healthy respect for our bodies and our decisions.
    • Healthy respect for other peoples’ bodies and decisions.
    • Everyone goes through physical and emotional changes during puberty that may seem unfamiliar but are healthy and normal.
    • There are many people who can help when we have questions about sexuality.  These people include parents, doctors, school staff and other trusted adults.

To request an elementary level presentation, please fill out the presentation request form.



Pregnancy Prevention

  • Students learn the difference between no-risk, low-risk, and high-risk behaviors as they are related to unplanned pregnancy.  Abstinence and all major forms of contraceptives are discussed, as well as some communication and decision making skills regarding healthy sexuality in general.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Students learn about the most common STIs and how they affect the body, as well as how STIs are transmitted and how this transmission can be prevented.  The importance of effective communication and decision-making skills are stressed.


  • This class explains basic information about HIV/AIDS including:  what HIV/AIDS is, how it works inside the body, how it is transmitted, and how transmission can be prevented.  Students learn to determine whether an action is high, low, or no risk.

Healthy Relationships

  • Students brainstorm aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Sexual, physical and verbal abuse, and chemical dependency and their effects on relationships are discussed, as well as the importance of respect, communication, and trust.   Students learn to identify common “red flags” of unhealthy relationships.

Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Prevention (SHARP)

  • SHARP is an evidence based, single-session, 4-hour*, group-based intervention that is proven to reduce sexual risk taking behaviors among youth “at-risk” for incarceration or currently in juvenile corrections. SHARP aims to deepen STI/HIV knowledge, improve correct condom use, reduce sexual risk taking and alcohol use, and set long-term goals to utilize knowledge and skills learned during the session.

    *(could be broken into two 2-hour sessions)

To request a middle/high school or adult level presentation, please fill out the presentation request form.


Parents as Sexuality Educators

  • This class is for parents. Parents learn typical stages of sexual development for children and adolescents of all ages. They also learn effective communication skills to aid them in talking with their children about various sexuality topics. To request this presentation, fill out the presentation request form.