Community Education Department

Family Tree Clinic’s community education department provides healthy sexuality presentations that are dynamic, fun, and comprehensive. Our programming aims to positively influence sexual health by helping participants feel comfortable with their bodies, confident in their knowledge, and powerful in their decision making abilities.

We only provide information that is medically accurate and age appropriate.

Our Educators:

photoLindsey Hoskins, Community Education Manager, has been a Sex Educator since 1999, and has worked in the Community Education department at Family Tree Clinic since 2002. As a student at the University of MN she designed a Sexuality Education degree in the areas of Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies, and Public Health. Lindsey loves working with youth and adult groups, and is passionate about helping people understand accurate information and feel more comfortable as they talk about sexuality. Lindsey plans to be a sex educator for the rest of her life.


Tatum Bishop, Community Outreach Educator, has been with Family Tree clinic since 2010. Tatum began working in the sex education field in 2007 as a coordinator for a peer education group at the University of Minnesota.Tatum’s goal as a sex educator is to help people start thinking about sexual health and what it means to them. Tatum works to make the adults and young people she works with feel comfortable and informed. Tatum feels so fortunate to do this work with a great organization.


20130814_145936Jackie Trelawny, Community Health Educator, has been a sex educator since 2009 and has six years of experience working with youth. After graduating from the University of Minnesota Jackie became passionate about sexual health and sees it as a way to make not only individuals healthier and confident, but communities as well. Jackie wants young people and adults to feel happy, relaxed, and more comfortable talking about sexual health.




Interested in scheduling a presentation? Check out our presentation descriptions and fill out the appropriate request form.

Organizations requesting these services are not required to pay, however Family Tree Clinic has a suggested honorarium of $75 per presentation for providing these services.

If you would like further information please contact us by phone or email.

Contact Information:

Lindsey Hoskins
651.523.0171 x130
Tatum Bishop
651.523.0171 x123
Jackie Trelawny
651.523.0171 x107