Family Tree FAQs

What is a Community Clinic?

Community clinics are specially structured to serve individuals who would otherwise not have access to healthcare. They charge patients a fee based on their income and ability to pay. Community clinics focus their healthcare services to provide the best care for uninsured, underinsured, working poor, high-risk and vulnerable populations.

How Can I Help?

• Become a patient today! Family Tree Clinic provides services for uninsured, underinsured and insured men and women seeking quality care. If you have health insurance or can pay out-of-pocket, you can utilize the services of the clinic and help offset the costs of those who are unable to pay. It’s a great way to get quality reproductive health care and give back to the community!

• Tell a friend about the great services you’ve received at Family Tree Clinic!

• You can make a tax deductible donation to FTC – see our Ways to Give page

Volunteer! Contact Kyle at ext.105 for more information

What Services Does Family Tree Clinic Provide?

• Low-cost birth control without an exam

• Comprehensive sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment

• Rapid HIV testing (results in 20 minutes)

• Pregnancy testing and all-options counseling

• Emergency contraception over the counter for $30

• Mammogram referrals

• Pap smears and yearly exams

• Menopause care

• Colposcopy

• Routine pelvic and breast exams

• Preconception and pregnancy planning

• UTI and and vaginal infection testing and treatment

• Nutrition counseling services

What Educational Services Does Family Tree Clinic Provide?

Family Tree Clinic is committed to providing complete, accurate, factual and developmentally appropriate information on human sexuality topics ranging from puberty to abstinence and contraception. We conduct educational presentations in the community and in schools and we have an education program specifically for the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing communities. If you would like further information please call (651) 645-0478 and ask for our Deaf education or community education departments.

What are Family Planning Services?

Family planning is the utilization of prepregnancy services that involve preventing, spacing and achieving pregnancies, and assures that all people of reproductive age and their partners have access to services which allow them to have planned pregnancies and planned, healthy families.

What Kinds of Medications and Supplies Can I Obtain Through FTC?

• Low cost birth control pills without an exam

• Over the counter Emergency Contraception

• Medications for treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections

• Medication for treatment of urinary tract infections, yeast infections and other vaginal infections

• Male and female condoms

• Low cost vibrators and lubricant

Where Can I Learn More About Birth Control Options and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Treatment?

Detailed information is available on the resources link of our webpage. If you would like to speak with someone, you can call the Minnesota Family Planning and STD Hotline: 1-800-78-FACTS (Voice/TTY).

Who Does Family Tree Clinic Serve?

Family Tree Clinic serves any teens and adults seeking confidential, affordable, quality reproductive and sexual health care services. We serve the uninsured, underinsured, working poor, high-risk and vulnerable populations. We also serve people who do not fit into any of those categories. Family Tree Clinic is able to address cultural and economic disparities that can impact your health.

What Additional Patient Services Does Family Tree Clinic Provide?

Family Tree Clinic provides American Sign Language (ASL) and foreign language translation services upon request. Our clinic is wheelchair accessible. Please use the elevator on the Dayton Avenue side of the building.

What Will it Cost to Come to the Clinic?

We offer a “sliding fee scale” which means that the amount patients are charged for services is based on their income. We are also able to offer some free services to eligible patients. See below.

Am I Eligible for Free Services?

Many patients who come to Family Tree Clinic are eligible for The Minnesota Family Planning Program (MFPP), which provides free family planning services, including free birth control and yearly exams. Call 651-645-0478 to find out if you are eligible!

Additionally, many uninsured and under-insured women ages 40 and older are eligible for free cervical and breast cancer screening services including breast checks, mammograms and yearly exams through the Sage Screening Program.

Do I Need to be a Legal U.S. Resident to Come to Family Tree Clinic?

No. Patients can receive services regardless of their residency status.

Do I Need an Appointment to be Seen at FTC?

Yes. Family Tree is not a walk-in clinic; you need to make an appointment to be seen. However, we do offer same day or next day appointments.

To make an appointment please call: 651-645-0478 or 651-379-5127 TTY

Which Insurance Plans are Accepted at FTC?

Family Tree Clinic has contracts with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medica. If you have other insurance and you would like us to bill them for your visit we are happy to oblige. We recommend you always check with your insurance provider to make sure they will cover visits at Family Tree Clinic. If coverage is through your parent’s policy, your parents will receive a copy of the charges from the insurance company. We also accept all Minnesota Health Care Programs.

What is the Clinic’s service area?

Family Tree Clinic mainly serves the Twin Cities Metropolitan area as well as Western Wisconsin and greater Minnesota; however, we are able to serve patients from any area.

What are the Clinic hours?

Monday and Wednesday: 8:00 am – 8:30 pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00 am – 5 pm

Saturday: 10 am-2pm

Family Tree Clinic is closed Friday and Sunday

How is Family Tree Clinic funded?

The Clinic receives funding from patient fees, the State of Minnesota, Ramsey County, private foundation grants and individual donations.